How to reduce Use of plastic

Plastic is a material, we can not live without.

Number of Plastics are used in our daily use objects.

As of now, it is almost impossible to live without plastic, but you can certainly reduce the use of plastics to a great extent.

It is certainly possible to use only Recyclable plastics to start with. Anyways Recycled plastic is also not the final solution, just an interim one. Because, the energy required for recycling plastic is huge, and also recycled plastic degrades from its virgin state. also, the recycling process can be more toxic than the virgin plastic.

It’s always advisable to REDUCE the user.

Let us see some most common alternatives to the plastic objects we use daily

  1. Polythene bags used for food packaging =  paper Bags, Cloth bags, plastic, metal containers
  2. Plastic single-use spoons = Either metal spoons or edible cutlery
  3. Packaged drinking water bottles = your own metal, or at least re-usable plastic bottles
  4. Thermocol plates, cups, bowls for eating food = Metal plates, bowls, glasses, which can be used hundreds of times before they are recycled
  5. Plastic-based decorative films for wrapping gifts = Simple colored papers, even better  use newspapers to wrap things
  6. Gifting Cheap return gifts made of plastic, like pencil boxes, erasers, balls = gift books, food items or toys made traditional materials like bamboo, wood
  7. Plastic pots in your balcony = Earthenware terracotta pots, which will easily degenerate after use