How to make your office more eco friendly

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Traveling to office
    1. Use public transport whenever possible
    2. Use smaller, vehicles, 2 wheeler instead of 4
    3. Carpool, reduce vehicles on road and reduce the burning of fossil fuels
    4. Keep freshly filled water bottle (Ideally not plastic) in the car, or bag, handy.
  2. Toilets
    1. Reduce control use of water
    2. Reduce, control use of toilet paper, tissue paper
    3. Reduce use of energy
  3. Cafeteria
    1. Do not waste food, and drinking water
    2. Use cutlery carefully, so that the same areĀ used a number of times
    3. Do not use single-use plastic bottles for drinking water, bring your own water bottle whenever possible
  4. Office desk, stationary
    1. Reduce use of paper, for printing, writing
    2. Use one side used side papers for rough work
  5. Outdoor space
    1. Get more green cover, wherever possible, outdoors, terraces etc.
    2. Do not litter around, discard garbage in a manner its easy to segregate.